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Tickets are now on sale for the World Festival of Children’s Theatre!

Posted by wfctadmin on May 5, 2016

Tickets are now on sale for the World Festival of Children’s Theatre! BUY TICKETS! It’s one month until Stratford welcomes the world’s children for a nine day festival that celebrates the world of children’s theatre. It’s a first for Stratford, and a first for...

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A Heartfelt Thank You To …

Posted by wfctadmin on Jun 21, 2016

Our heartfelt thanks to the following people who donated to make the World Festival of Children’s Theatre a tremendous success: Wendy Harris Michele Boniface Lynda McGregor Wendy McNaughton Felix The Mascot Ron Love Joan Sandwith Ron Dodson Bonnie Richardson...

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Watch Via Live Streaming!

Posted by wfctadmin on Jun 2, 2016

World Festival Children’s Theatre on Live Stream In your classroom, on your iPads, or on a boat at sea … no matter where you are you can ‘tune in’ to all 1:00pm WFCT performances held at Stratford Central SS. Live streams will be available on two sites: Avon...

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Opening Celebrations – You’re Invited!

Posted by wfctadmin on May 31, 2016

Opening Celebrations – You’re Invited! An Opening Celebration worthy of a World Festival. The Parade of Nations amid the pomp and pageantry will introduce you to the visitors. Hundreds of local acting and dance troupes, choirs and singers will take to the stages...

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Help us provide more for the children

Posted by wfctadmin on May 19, 2016

Help us provide more for the visiting children and inspire our own community’s children to greater heights Please contribute to our Kickstarter campaign. Back This Project Her mouth is dry. Feet feel funny in the costume shoes. Hands just noticeably shaking as she...

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Troupes From Six Continents Hit the Stage in Stratford for the 14th World Festival of Children’s Theatre (June 5-14, 2016)

Posted by wfctadmin on Dec 8, 2015

“All the world’s a stage …”– As You Like It (Act  II,  Scene VII ), William Shakespeare  The best of the world’s children’s theatre arrives in Stratford in June 2016, as Canada’s theatre mecca hosts the prestigious World Festival of Children’s Theatre. For 10 days in...

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